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Renovation Status Update

Diyanet Silicon Valley Requests Your Generous Support in establishing the first masjid in Redwood City, CA
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are getting close to finishing the renovation work at our newly-acquired church to make it a masjid. Our builder estimates that it will be done by the end of the year and we will be able to move in early January, inshaAllah.

Our initial estimate for the renovation cost was about $100,000. However, further inspections showed that the roof needs to be replaced (estimate: $35K). In addition, while we are replacing the roof, we decided to add a sprinkler system ($34K) for fire safety, and solar panels ($25K) for energy savings. As a result, the total cost will be about $200K. We already finished most of the work and made partial payment for the work done. Your donations for the renovation will be greatly appreciated. We, again thank all who have helped us in acquiring the property and making it to a House of Allah.  May Allah SWT reward you all immensely!


May Allah accept all your generous donations. Amin.

All your donations are tax-deductible. Tax ID (EIN = 13-4194912)

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