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About Us

We are a group of San Francisco Bay Area residents originally from Türkiye authorized by the Turkish American Religious Foundation (TARF) to start the efforts to establish a mosque and a cultural center in the Bay Area.

Our main goal is, using Islam’s main sources as base and staying above any political viewpoint and ideology, we aim to ensure unity, solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood among all our citizens, our compatriots, all our brothers and sisters in Islam and convey the true spiritual and moral values of our religion to everyone including those who are from other faiths.

Need for a Center in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley (and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area) is home to some of the largest and most innovative technology companies in the world. In addition, several top-notch research institutions and universities including Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley are located in the area.
It is estimated that over 250,000 Muslims live in the area. Among them, about 6,000 are believed to be of Turkish origin.

We believe that it is absolutely essential to establish a center in this area that operates not only as a mosque with full range of religious services but also as a safe and active hub (a Külliye*) with educational, social, and cultural activities.

We Will

  • Operate our center not only as a mosque with full range of religious services but also as a safe and active hub (a Külliye*) with educational, social, and cultural activities,

  • Support our brothers and sisters to live spiritually, culturally and socially enriched lives,

  • Offer weekend, holiday, and summer courses on the religion of Islam, Turkish culture, history and language supported with exciting social and cultural activities and site visits,

  • Offer training for Hajj, help potential Hajis with paperwork, and lead them in their Hajj journey,

  • Provide full range of funeral services for local burial as well as transportation of the deceased for burial in Turkey,

  • Offer religious and civil marriage licenses and counseling when needed,

  • Support our youth by providing a safe space enriched with educational and sports activities,

  • Support our young girls and spouses by offering them opportunities and alternatives to help them become active members of the community,

  • Offer language courses for those who need help in learning the English and Turkish languages,

  • Support the elderly by organizing age-appropriate activities,

  • Serve as a social welfare organization for the community at large and facilitate the collection and distribution of zakat and sadaqa to help the needy,

  • Provide support and training for cultural, educational and scientific studies, and

  • Establish good relations with local and state administrators, other fellow Muslim and non-Muslim organizations, civic organizations, and work together to solve local problems.


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